" Sharing the same symbols, creating a new future "

OldW Art Team

Our mission is to achieve symbiosis with historical symbols by modern
electronic payment methods and make us bring to the world a joyful and comfortable experience.

The identity of the value you collect is not just a NFT. It's your story. Your memory.

Collect, trade, and make a collection to keep in a Symbocoin collection. Symbolic reasons.

What is the Symbocoin NFT Collection?

A symbol is a sign, a person using symbols as a form of communication passes messages from one culture to another by implementing a code system to represent an object or idea. Symbols can be objects and NFTs.

The 3D coin collection consists of 1999 symbols, each of which is the most prevalent in the world. The name of each symbol's currency can be interpreted as a picture, and this Symbocoin is a collection of symbols connected to the past that can be seen as a means towards the future.

In this collection, a total of 1999 symbols including symbols from various nations and cultures will be collected as NFTs using the blockchain-based Polygon platform. These symbols have been used as a universal language for communication by people around the world since ancient times. By collecting these symbols as digital assets that can be traded, we aim to create a new landscape where people from all over the world compose a new song to connect humans and societies through 'symbols'.

For each symbol, we prepare a design and an essay. This collection wants to show our gratitude to all traders who have select and supported us. Symbols that survive thousands of years can become a new culture, because they do not disappear easily.


The Symbocoin collection is not just a collection of 3D virtual coins on the Polygon blockchain, but it is also the symbol of life, culture, and civilization. A collection that connects our past and our future, which emerged by believing that symbols are the unchanging mother tongue of people from the past to the future. The meaning of symbols changes with time and place, but these 3D virtual coins will stay unchanged forever.

You can see the effects of symbols without knowing the meaning of words, so it is a beautiful and profound thing. Symbols carry a lot of meaning, so if you have a symbol, you have a word. Narratives between people who do not know each other well can be easily exchanged by simply exchanging symbols.

The creation of Symbocoin will start with an initial list of 699 symbols. After within a month from first release date. We will put up for sale 300 new and unique Symbocoin. In a few months later, we will release last part 1000 symbocoin of 1999.

As you will see on our Roadmap, our progress will continue in the coming months and of course there will be surprises.

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Symbol Name : Ollin
Belief : Aztec
Nationality : Central America
Represent : God of Shifting Shapes
Background Image : Nahuatl
Background Color : Red

Road Map

Phase 1

First Launch. 699 unique Symbocoin on Polygon for Public Sale. On 11 January 2022 19:00 UTC .

Phase 2

Re-launch. Within a month 300 new and unique Symbocoin will listed. We will giveaway 50 Symbocoin to our first 50 traders.

Phase 3

2022 Q1. Save our community. Create community wallet and shares.

Phase 4

2022 Q1. Main launch. The last part of collection 1000 Symbocoin will mint and listed. And giveaway 50 more Symbocoin by lottery to our holders.

Phase 5

2022 Q2. Start merch and branding Works in consultation with our community.

Phase 6

2022 Q3. Start building our Marketplace. Our community members will have right to discount in each of our collections and Marketplace.


1999 unique Symbocoin will be available for minting.

The minting cost is 0,05 ETH

The mint will happen on 11 /01/ 2022 at 19 : 00 UTC

Symbocoin NFTs are housed exclusively on the Polygon Blockchain.

You will be able to mint Symbocoin with Metamask (recommended) also Coinbase and Fortmatic.

Symbocoin NFT grants you full creative and commercial rights fort the pieces you own.

No, but we will make sure collection members are rewarded. You can find detailed information on our RoadMap.

Yes royalities are set 4%
30% Donate to the SMA Discase Fighting Association
30% Spend to better develop our next collection
40% Transfer to the community wallet for periodic distribution.

Yes. Our community members (holders) will benefit from the community wallet periodically with 40% of royalities.

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